Privacy Policy

...and general do no harm promise.

  • Hi, my name is Joe.
  • I don't collect any of your personal information unless you send it to me
  • I do keep track of the traffic with Google Analytics, which may capture some of your computer's information.
  • I may also from time to time implement some form of advertising on the website. Advertising folks are smart. Super smart. They are probably collecting information about you all the time.
  • This website is just like any other and I make no claim that it is 100% error free. If your browser freezes up it might be my fault, but I am not responsible. Wait, that sounds shady... ok some legalese... By using the website you agree that you wont be a douche and sue me if your browser crashes or anything goes wrong with your computer while on the website. Don't be a douche, just reboot.